Food Banks Canada Food Explorers Program

Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society received a grant from Food Banks Canada for for the Food Explorers Program.  The 7 week/session program was conducted on Tuesdays, Oct. 9 to Nov. 20 at the Youth Centre and facilitated by our Healthy Cooking Instructor.  The funding received was used for kitchen equipment, appliances, utensils, facilitator time, take-home […]

Tips to Help Save You Money

These tips were contributed by participants in the Budgeting/Saving Money Session at the Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society in early 2017: Tips to Help Save You Money Housing—— If rent is to high move to lower rent, take in boarders, re-negotiate mortgage. Utilities——Lights out, hang clothes outside, unplug unnecessary appliances i.e. charger’s, lights not used, […]

Vulcan County Affordable Housing Initiative

Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society would like to thank Vulcan County Council for provided funding of $4,524 for the start-up costs for a Vulcan County Affordable Housing Initiative. This funding will go towards advertising for land and a project manager, Coordinator wages, meeting and public forum supplies, and costs associated with the formation of the […]