About Us

The Food Bank provides food hampers to low-income residents of Vulcan County.  There are also many workshops, programs and events throughout the year. A few of the programs we offer are paperwork preparation, faxing, and VIABLE Homelessness Project that meets the needs of the Vulcan County’s homeless and at-risk of homelessness population with short-term emergency shelter and food, financial support for stable living arrangements, transportation for medical appointments, connection to safe permanent housing, bulk food dividing, and life skills healthy eating/cooking and personal well-being sessions.


  • Director: Carrol Thomson at 403-485-2192, Ext. 104 or                                                                                                      emailfcssvulc@telusplanet.net
  • Senior Supports & Food Bank: Claire Kuchel-Klassen at 403-485-2192,                                                                                            Ext. 102 or email fcsshss@telus.net
  • Reception: Tammy Wallace/Victoria Wall at 403-485-2192, Ext. 101 or                                                                                                       email reception.fcss@telus.net
  • Homelessness Project: Wendy Cranch at 403-485-2106, Ext. 103                                                                                                                                  fcsscsc@telus.net
  • Office Coordinator: Lori Branden at 403-485-2106, Ext. 105 or email                                                                                                                      vrfcssoff@outlook.com
  • Family Coordinator: Victoria Wall at 403-485-2192, Ext. 106
  • Youth & Community Program Coordinator: Carmen Pelletier at                                                               403-485-2106, Ext. 105 or email vulcanyw@telus.net
  • Youth Centre Assistant: Megan Morrison @ vulcanyw@telus.net