Food Banks Canada Food Explorers Program

2019 Food Explorers Cooking Club

Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society received a grant from Food Banks Canada for for the Food Explorers Program.  The 7 week/session program was conducted on Tuesdays, Oct. 9 to Nov. 20 at the Youth Centre and facilitated by our Healthy Cooking Instructor.  The funding received was used for kitchen equipment, appliances, utensils, facilitator time, take-home items for participants, and food.  There were 8 participants, with ages ranging from 7-12.

A little about the program:  In order to address the important issue of child hunger, Food Banks Canada has developed a child hunger program called After the Bell.  The Food Explorers education program – which is part of the umbrella of After the Bell – allows Food Banks Canada to support the delivery of high-quality, evidence-based and age-appropriate programming for kids across the country that access the food bank or are at risk of experiencing food insecurity.  The program will focus on building knowledge and confidence around food, kitchen skills, meal preparation, nutrition and other topics with a view to empowering kids to understand how to cook and make positive decisions about what they eat.  Program materials will be hands-on, child-friendly, fun and age-appropriate in order to encourage the best learning outcomes.

We would like to thank our facilitator, volunteers and Food Banks Canada and The Hershey Company for the funding, curriculum materials, facilitator training and manual, handouts and resources for the participants, and support for this wonderful program.

Tips to Help Save You Money

These tips were contributed by participants in the Budgeting/Saving Money Session at the Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society in early 2017:

Tips to Help Save You Money

  • Housing—— If rent is to high move to lower rent, take in boarders, re-negotiate mortgage.
  • Utilities——Lights out, hang clothes outside, unplug unnecessary appliances i.e. charger’s, lights not used, etc., shop around for lower utility providers, use less water if possible, energy saving light bulbs, turn heat down lower when not home or at night, programmed thermostat.
  • Transportation—– Carpool, walk, ride a bike, plan trips errands all in one day, make sure tires are inflated, change oil and maintain car repairs for gas savings, do your own repairs, use gas station reward points.
  • Groceries——- Shop with others on bulk items maybe you only need 6 cans of something and there are 12 in a case you can split with others, look at ads for best deals, buy only what you need, watch out for impulse items.
  • Child Care—— Subsidies from government, Older ones look after younger children, Grandparents would like to help out, barter services for babysitting, home school children.
  • Recreation—- Camping, hiking, biking, playing in a park or backyard, free swim times at pools.
  • Personal Allowance—— Only allow for what you truly need.
  • Medical Expenses———Generic brands for all medications, check at pharmacy for blister packing your medicine’s, Alberta Adult Health Benefit, Home remedies, check for lower prices on brands you use most for medicinal needs i.e. Tylenol, Aspirin etc.
  • Loans and Credit Cards——Shorter time less interest on loan if paid off quicker, Re-finance existing loan or mortgage for a lower interest or for lower payments per month. Credit Cards, pay off owing each month, go for a lower interest card, debit or credit card pay as you go.
  • Education——- Food Bank Homelessness Grant, Lethbridge Ed2go online.
  • Gifts——– Do it yourself, Pinterest, dollar store’s, re-gifting, barter.

Other Ways to save Money——- DIY, coupons, Bargains/flyers/sale’s, customer appreciation days, buy in bulk if you will use it, gardening i.e. grow your own vegetables, find ways to extend your groceries with recipes and using leftovers.

Vulcan County Affordable Housing Initiative

Vulcan Regional Food Bank Society would like to thank Vulcan County Council for provided funding of $4,524 for the start-up costs for a Vulcan County Affordable Housing Initiative.

This funding will go towards advertising for land and a project manager, Coordinator wages, meeting and public forum supplies, and costs associated with the formation of the Vulcan County Affordable Housing Society registered charity in order to fundraise and apply for grants for the construction of housing projects in Vulcan County.

The Coordinator will be contacting everyone soon who attended the Affordable Housing Community Consultation on March 13th to see who is interested in becoming a member of the Housing Society. We will also be soon releasing to the public the findings from the Community Consultation, and final Housing Need & Demand Assessment for Vulcan County from Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN).

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy at 403-485-2106, Ext. 103.